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The Importance of having a strong brand identity

08 September 2021

A strong brand identity is just a good-looking logo, right? Wrong!

Creating and developing a professional brand identity is a vital step that all businesses should take.

Sure, you might have an amazing product or service, but if you don’t have a credible brand, how do you expect people to remember you? How will you convince them to choose you over a competitor?

Here’s why building a strong brand identity is super important for your business:

It builds loyalty

A great brand has incredible sticking power.

Just think why when you see purple, you think Cadburys or why when you hear the words ‘Holidays are coming’, you think of Coca Cola.

With a strong brand identity, you can effectively build customer loyalty. It helps to grow a positive and strong connection between your customers and your company, which, in turn, leads to repeat business.

It differentiates your brand

In a crowded market, you need to look for ways to differentiate your brand from others.

Develop a strong, professional brand image and you’re more likely to stand out to prospective customers. Over time, this will lead to new customers choosing you over your competitors just by brand recognition.

It gives you a personality

Your brand identity helps to tell your story and provides a visual representation of your values and personality. This can be demonstrated in your printed marketing materials, social media platforms, video campaigns, website and even how your employees represent your company at events.

The key is keeping it consistent across all mediums and ensuring your brand identity and its values are translated at every level of the business, from the CEO right through to those on the shop floor.

It gives you a competitive advantage

Customers want to buy good quality products that last them a long time, but if your competitors have a very similar item…why would they buy from you?

To put it simply, a great brand identity will make you look more impressive than your competitors and perceive you as higher quality. Cornflakes are cornflakes but there is a reason why the majority of people pick Kellogg’s over Nestle.

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