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The power of print media for targeting Gen-Z

Just as marketers started to get to grips with reaching millennials, a new player entered the game – Gen-Z. Gen-Z’s demand a fresh perspective on how to connect with this generation. We’re not just talking about another group of digital natives; we’re talking about a generation shaped by screens and social media. However, this doesn’t mean you are doing right by targeting them online.

Print media should be an option marketers need to consider when trying to appeal to this demographic. Printed materials and branded merchandise have the potential to capture attention in ways you might not expect in a digital world.

Attention in eight seconds or less

Print media can catch this demographic’s attention without the digital noise. There are plenty of ways to be creative with your printed campaigns that will catch the eye and portray the desired message within eight seconds.

Breaking the mould of tradition

In a world overwhelmed with digital ads, print media has become the non-traditional marketing method that has piqued Gen-Z’s curiosity. It offers a fresh, outside-the-box perspective that differs from their ‘norm’.

Personalisation for the win

Gen-Zs thrive on individuality; print media is the perfect way to personalise a message.

Creating bespoke and unique printed materials personalised to the audience can help build relationships and resonate with the uniqueness of each individual.

Authenticity matters

Gen-Z’s have grown up on the internet filled with misleading information, making authenticity a highly prized trait. Print media has traditionally been associated with credibility and trustworthiness, making it a no-brainer for marketers to add this medium to their Gen-Z targeting tactics.

Tactile Experience

Online ads cannot capture the senses the same way print media can. Creating brochures and flyers, especially with extra finishes or unusual folds, or introducing branded merchandise can provide a physical connection, allowing Gen-Z to assess your brand personality and product quality.

Sustainability is nothing to worry about

It’s clear that Gen-Z customers are more environmentally conscious than previous generations. Sustainability is currently a hot topic, but there’s no need for concern; there are numerous options available for printed marketing materials that decrease the environmental impact, including sustainable paper stock, vegetable-based inks, and eco-friendly merchandise made from reclaimed ocean plastic, bamboo and even stone to name but a few of the options available.

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