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The top 10 printed items that all hospitality businesses need

Every restaurant and hotel needs printed materials.


Because they can help you promote your business and provide guests and clientele with vital information to help aid their buying decisions.

Here is a list of our top ten printed items that all hospitality businesses need to uplift their dining experience and attract visitors over and over again:

1. Menus

    Whether you are selling food or drink (or both), menus are essential. Menus are best laminated so they can be wipeable and reusable, but uncoated materials can provide a more rustic and luxury feel. Some of the restaurants we work with even love adding a touch of foil to their menus.

    2. Loyalty cards

      Want repeat custom? Then you need loyalty cards. They are an easy way of retaining your customers and being able to reward the most loyal.

      3. Food-safe paper

        If you serve food, this is the perfect print item for showcasing your brand. We especially love our environmentally friendly food-safe paper alternative.

        4. Stationery

          Pens, pencils, envelopes, notepads and letterheads. Hotel stationery is a great hospitality marketing tool that advertises your establishment and leaves your guests with a lasting impression.

          5. Comment cards

            Feedback cards are a great way to address guest concerns and complaints and receive positive feedback. When problems are solved, guests are more likely to give you another shot.

            6. Posters

              Posters are a budget-friendly way to deliver information to your customers in your restaurant or hotel. These can be special offers, upcoming events, opening hours, loyalty schemes and much more.

              7. Leaflets and flyers

                Leaflets and flyers are a cost-effective way to communicate information to customers about your services and establishment as well as any special offers or events. These can be handed out in the street near your premises, placed on tables or even sent via the post.

                8. Door Hangers

                  Printed door hangers are essential for your guest’s privacy and your housekeeping organisation but can also be used to advertise any extra services.

                  9. Beer mats

                    High-quality beer mats or coasters can make it easy for your venue to promote itself and its brand… AND they are a useful commodity to your customers at the same time.

                    10. Brochures

                      Whether you are promoting Christmas parties, event facilities or even wedding packages, a brochure can work wonders. Whilst they can be shared digitally, if you want to make a real lasting impression, the tactile approach is best.

                      The potential for print is endless…

                      At Visual Print and Design, we work with a diverse range of customers in the hospitality industry including restaurants, coffee shops cafes and hotels. If you would like to know how we can help create a more personal experience for your customers through print and design, get in touch today.

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