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What is a corporate identity and why you need one?

If you own a business, you’ve likely heard the term ‘corporate identity’ and probably wondered what it means and whether you need one…

(We will let you into a secret, you already have one)

In this increasingly competitive market, companies will use a variety of strategies to gain the loyalty of their customers and attract new ones. Having a positive corporate identity is key to gaining and keeping that trust.

But first, let us help you understand what a corporate identity is…

Corporate identity is typically regarded as how the public perceives your business. But although it might seem straightforward, your company’s identity involves more than just your logo - it also reflects your culture, values, and what you stand for as a whole.

With a strong corporate identity comes:

  • The ability to deliver a clear message about your company and its products/services
  • Consistency across all different marketing mediums and channels
  • The ability to influence your customer and their perception of your organisation

Corporate and brand identity… what’s the difference?

Even though they both have distinct roles, it is still easy to mistake these two so let’s break it down for you.

The key difference between these is that corporate identity reflects who you are as a company through your corporate design, internal and external communication, culture and core values (this links mostly with the perception of the entire company and not just its products/services).

Your brand identity focuses mostly on customers and various elements that your company creates to establish an image for your customers.

That’s why when considering your corporate identity, it is important to know that brand identity plays an integral part in it.

Is it essential?

Absolutely! And you have one whether or not you pay attention to it.

If you don’t take time to define and build your corporate identity, there will be no consistency with your marketing that will distinguish you from your competitors and your company will likely stagnate.

Investing time, energy and resources into building your corporate identity effectively will help grow brand recognition, ensure consistency, and create trust between your business and your customers, leading to increased sales and profitably.

That’s why corporate identity is so important.

At Visual Print and Design, we understand the importance of branding and its power in taking your business to the next level. That’s why we work with brands all across the UK combining strategy with creativity to invoke a reaction through print and digital mediums.

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