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What will the print industry look like in 2023?

Every industry, not just print, has experienced some difficulty during the last few years.

With events cancelled and offices shut for a good part of 2020-2021 in the UK, the need for traditional print saw a decline in demand. Thankfully, 2022 was a bit brighter for the sector and the good news is that 2023 is looking even better.

The industry is predicted to expand as a result of new packaging advancements, environmentally friendly printing methods, and the privacy concerns and oversaturation that digital mediums face.

So, as printing continues to evolve, what does its future look like in 2023?

Print and digital in harmony

While high-volume print projects are likely to decline, we will see an increased demand for more creative and premium print campaigns as marketers will need to think of more clever ways to cut through the noise. The gap between print and digital media will continue to close as more organisations utilise a multi-channel approach to their marketing.

Turning over a new leaf

One trend that is certainly going to grow even more over the next few years is the need for eco-friendly print solutions, responsibly sourced paper stock and the encouragement of responsible paper consumption.

With paper being one of the most recycled products in the world, over the coming years, it is up to those within the paper, printing and packaging industry to educate both businesses and consumers about the crucial role that responsibly produced wood products have in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The power of packaging

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow and expand, so will the need for well-designed and printed packaging. For businesses that want to stand out, increase sales and make a splash on social media (millennials and Gen Z love sharing online), unique and impactful packaging and labelling are a must.

Is the print industry dying?

Each year, we hear that ‘print is dead’ but this statement is yet to come true.

What we have seen over the last year is the rise of direct mail that is better targeted, better designed and achieving a better ROI. Email is now seen as the new junk mail whilst direct mail – including promotional materials, brochures and catalogues – are increasing in use.

That is because it is now higher quality, more professional, more tactile and even more sustainable than online alternatives. As long as the industry continues to diversify, adopt new technologies and adapt to consumer needs, print will remain a robust and relevant way to communicate.

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