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Why is graphic design important for digital marketing?

As much as we’d like to say ‘because it is’, you’ve probably come across this article as you’re wondering what the importance of graphic design is for digital communications.

To begin with, it’s not just pictures or drawings – graphic design is the art of communication that requires a high level of creativity to achieve a specific objective.

Good graphic design gets you noticed.

That’s why, like print, it’s so important to get your designs right, especially if you want to compete among the millions of other marketing messages shown to us online.

Effective graphic design solves problems and can even covert prospects into customers. When you strategically integrate content in your design, you can effectively engage with customers, build brand awareness and guide prospects through the buyer life cycle.

It can also:

Help you stand out

Having a unique style to communicate your brand message helps you build your own identity among your competitors and ensures familiarity with your customers. It is the reason why you can recognise Cadburys or McDonalds just by colours. Good graphics, especially online, help organisations stand out and it’s vital to ensure your brand remains top of the mind.

Influence the decision-making process

Graphic design is more than just a picture, it can help consumers understand the benefits of what you offer. Design works by capturing attention and encouraging people to take a deeper interest – it begins pushing people through the decision-making process.

Build trust

If you’re wondering what good design can do for your brand, think about what bad design can do. You’ve gone through all that expense and time to develop a great brand identity and then it’s instantly wiped out by a poorly designed visual. We’ve seen it frequently happen to the point it gets mocked and the problem is that when images appear on the internet, they can be hard to get rid of. Good design builds trust and credibility with prospects/customers and is key to maintaining good relationships as well as keeping them.

Speak louder than words

We know it’s a cliché but it’s true – a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, it can be hard to put exactly into words what you’re trying to convey but visuals have the power to engage people instantly. Words don’t jump out straight away, but images and great design can.

We specialise in creating and developing designs for any kind of product you need, from magazines and packaging to social media graphics and email templates as well as bespoke logo design and brand development. Talk to us today about your design requirements.

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