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Eco friendly merchandise for exhibitions and trade shows

Ultimate guide for exhibition essentials

Promotional merchandise has been around for centuries; it may not have the same impact or have the variety that we do now, but the first traceable promotional product dates to the seventeen hundreds. Fast forward to today, the promotional merchandise industry is now worth billions. Like every sector, the promotional merchandise industry is ever-evolving, following emerging trends.

Exhibitions, trade shows, and events have become huge channels for organisations in every sector to distribute promotional merchandise tailored to their brand. However, branded products are just the starting point when preparing for exhibitions, so we have put together this ultimate guide to get you ready for any upcoming events in 2024.

Sustainable promotional merchandise

As sustainability is a growing concern, we have highlighted some eco-friendly promotional gifts. These items are aligned with environmentally conscious values and are equally or even more effective when distributed at events.

Tote bags

You can now use many sustainable and eco-friendly materials to make tote bags. For example, cork, RPET, and organic cotton are some sustainable alternatives that help reduce the environmental impact. Tote bags have become an indispensable part of trade show giveaways. They offer a practical solution for attendees to carry brochures, pamphlets, and other promotional materials. Customisable with your logo, tote bags increase brand visibility at the event and beyond, making them a lasting and impactful choice.

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Writing instruments

Many businesses are branching out from the usual plastic ballpoint pen to more innovative and sustainable stationery. The options are endless, from the bamboo inkless pen to the recycled paper ballpoint. Branded writing instruments are a popular promotional merchandise item for exhibitions because they can be easily tailored to fit your brand image with many different colours and styles available.

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Travel mugs

Travel mugs are a smart choice for event giveaways as they have ample space for customisation, allowing room for a compelling brand message. They can be made with sustainable materials and reusable, reducing the environmental impact whilst increasing your brand visibility.

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Opting for notebooks made from bamboo, cork, or recycled paper helps the environment and creates a lasting impression on potential clients at exhibitions and trade shows. Branded notebooks are constant reminders of your brand, extending the reach of your marketing efforts beyond the event. Personalising notebooks with individual names is a great way to create a more intimate connection with your specific audience. This works well for new recruits or new prospects.

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Eco Multi-function Cables

As technology advances, so do attendees’ needs. Provide a solution with eco-friendly multi-function cables compatible with various devices. Their practicality and eco-conscious approach make these cables an ideal choice for modern exhibition goers.


Event wear

Getting ready for trade shows involves more than just promotional gifting, looking the part matters too. Branded lanyards and personalised name badges enhance the overall impact of your presence at these events. These accessories create easy recognition of your brand and help attendees associate names with faces, increasing the likelihood of them remembering you and your brand.


Exhibition displays

There are numerous cost-effective ways you can engage your audience at these events. Ensuring your stand is vibrant, sharp, and on-brand will help attract potential prospects to your display. Various options can be employed, such as fabric backdrops, roller banners, light boxes, pop-up counters, or a straightforward yet impactful table runner.

Roller banner

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Pop-up counter


Fabric backdrop


Table runner


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